Monday, May 28, 2012


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Mediocrity at work and learning just sucks. Some people do not reach even that which is all the more denerving. Of late I have had an annoying lot around me doing things which they are not supposed to and not doing things which they are supposed to, and surprisingly stand by it like pigs in the puddle. You can deal with them if you are wise and smart. But there are days when you inevitably lose your cool. And yeah if I am blogging about it here it means I have had enough.

Where does all the conscience go, when a signature appears for a day the workplace did not see the person, when somebody’s hard work is being sniffed without permission, when he or she knows that someone is overworked just because the rest of the people around are those with a problem in their upper chamber, like how one of my professor rightly puts it. I guess your work culture and attitude comes from all the upbringing and schooling. Well nobody is perfect, but sometimes I wonder where does all the humility and accountability go.

Unfortunately these pigs are more royal than loyal and there is nothing that you can resolve in peace with them. The worst thing that can happen is, day by day you realize that there are more pigs around you than you had ever imagined. Currently that's my state. I was very nice to all the pigs around me all this while, call me dumb headed or whatever. I thought I can handle a sounder of them. But when it went beyond a point of my dignity of thought and living, I flared up. I have learned it the hard way. A tiger growls at you, you know he is showing you his power but when a pig snorts you just cannot take it, you just cannot!

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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Losing Love

"Losing someone whom you love
 is like losing the sky where you dream of flying
Losing someone who loves you 
is like losing the ground where you are standing"


Monday, May 14, 2012

The Purpose

For an official graduate of today's times, post graduation is more than a necessity. And what follows you like the Hutch dog if you get into one is the 'Dissertation' or the 'Thesis'. Your frenemie to be precise. 'You and I...',you can sing that song but ain't sure if your world will be only beautiful. Well ain't gonna crib about it here. I am actually enjoying this whole process, although I have to accept the fact that it is getting tedious day by day. I know its gonna get worse, and I am mentally preparing myself to produce, direct, act and watch my own drama. There are times when I take a big breathe and let out a sigh, and say "Okay, just do it, some day this shall make sense", the complete optimist that my dissertation has turned me into!

This is how an average day of mine in the hospital and college goes. I run from lab to lab, I spend most of my time with the samples [read along with more than a couple of other things that keeps me occupied] and I finally end up with a bunch of microorganisms who are confusing enough to keep me confused. The sample collection and processing has driven me enough insane these days, the analysis is waiting. An year more and hopefully this study of mine comes up with some results, provided something inside my skull survives to understand and interpret whatever I am up to.

I have noticed a certain thing when you are into some sort of research. You will go through these different sort of phases. Something like the Newton phase, the Edison phase, the Pasteur phase, the Darwin phase and maybe even the Archimedes phase. Aah! Those apple on your head and eureka moments! And surprisingly you feel exactly like these great men would have. Some finding 'you think' is new or different excites you so much, it is a thing for satiety if you are completely into it. Nothing like it if your aims and objectives are fulfilled. Sounds geeky I know but then that's what a perfect dissertation is all about. 

Of course there is the other end too, where you are more often than the the former. The not so sunny side which is almost always up, where and when you realize that people have been there and done that. Hopeless days and more hopeless are those nights I tell you. All you start thinking is "How could I of all people get into and come up with this average a stuff?",but that's not true. Remember and convince yourself that every good and honest effort serves a purpose. Only if you are game.

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And you know why these two are the most lovable ;-)


Friday, May 11, 2012

A Letter For A Right

Dear Chacha and Baba,

              No second thoughts, I know you would have laughed your heart out looking at this. Only you would know what it took to write the longest written constitution of this world. Strengths or flaws apart, we are grateful to you for making and bringing it into force. Very commendable considering the mayhem of those times. Coming back to today's because of this age old picture, it is a cartoon. Period. Why take it seriously ? If only our leaders felt the same disgust and despair for a hundred other issues that rock this country more than they rock the parliament. Okay we agree, you all are political icons. We respect you for that and for everything that you have given us. But tell me which one of you is spared by a cartoonist? News and newspapers wouldn't be a phenomenon otherwise. In fact cartoons are the only readable stuff  that most of us find in print. 

What about this cartoon is offending or derogatory, ain't getting it. Is it because it is in a textbook? In fact what I can relate to it is what I learnt way back in school. Slow and steady wins the race right? What better than you Baba sitting on a snail, and you Chacha with a whip to teach us that. Isn't our constitution a success? What if you took time to make that, you deserved to! Ask our leaders of today to come up with something like that. Leave alone an article, the preamble would never have had made its way out from the shell.

I do not see any caste in the picture, no Indian with the right sense in his head would. But of course there are people here and there, unfortunately even in the house who suffer from the lack of it. I wonder why anyone should get offended or anyone has to apologize for it. Politics isn't dirty, the politicians are. And we put our hands up in the air even without voting. Wish we and our leaders paid attention where it is needed. Wish we had better things to discuss. Wish I had better things to blog about.

Here is my frank opinion after the big scene. 'Right to Humour' should be the next amendment. Maybe people like you would understand this, unfortunately there aren't many around.


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Dreams On The Wall

It has been a while since the crafty side of me did something. Today I had the right mood for it. Some glue, scissor, cardboard, sequences and tapes was all that I had. And this is what I came up with. This is hanging on one of the walls of my home right now. Just to make me dream, precisely make me work :-)


Sunday, May 6, 2012

To Hit Or Not To

 'Satyameva Jayate' - may just be another moral or patriotic line below our emblem learnt way back in school if not for the show from today. At last somebody is letting us know the reality of India which most of us shamefully choose to be unaware of and therefore do nothing about it. Hope we realize its time to do all that it takes. Applause to the team for all their effort. And Aamir you have got a fan here, not because you are an actor but for everything else that you do, for the person you are.
We come across a number of reality shows addressing a hundred such issues. The kinds that which twitch your heart a bit, make you drop a tear and then you forget. The next day or week its time for another episode. Fortunately Satyameva Jayate seems not to be one such. Today's episode said it all. It was not about the hype, it was not about Aamir, it was not about his movies, it was not about a state or the society, it was not about anybody's personal problem or your empathy. It was about each one of us. 
If you had listened to Aamir beating an egg and singing "Aana meri jaan meri jaan Sunday ke Sunday" all these days, kept yourself free and watched the show you may agree with me. What appealed to me was the way in which everything about the problem was put across. Opinions from the masses, experiences from the ones who have faced it all, the ground reality from the experts who are working for the cause. Complete and neat. 
As a doctor, as a girl I could connect to today's episode on female infanticide. The figures and the statistics are something which we, the so called educated section of the society are well aware of. It is everything that we already know. But all our concern starts and stops at the discussion table, sometimes even before it reaches there. All we do is talk. And as people on air today rightly said, all these atrocities happen right in our homes. Introspection is something which we rarely do, but when it comes to pointing fingers at others and deciding who is wrong and who right we all turn activists. Isn't it so?
So how will this show make a difference, certainly not only if we watch it. There is more for all of us to do. But how far are we all Indians game to do it? 'Dil pe toh lagti hai par kya karen baat nahi banti hai', at most of the times. One of my professors last week told me "Hit hard and hit fast" while we were in a seminar on the problem of antibiotic resistance in microbes. I guess that will work well here too. The only problem is that we never decide to hit, and meanwhile we shall only watch the show.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

When I Am Gone

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When I am gone
Do not ask me where or why
When I am gone
Do not think that I did not try
When I am gone
Do put a smile if you cannot cry
For when I am gone
My love for you shall never die


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

All That I Have

This post is special, for it is the two hundred and fiftieth time I am hitting the button 'Publish' on this blog. I could have written about something which constantly nags my mind like I always do, but when I saw the number '250' I realized that over the years I have walked a very long way here in this blog and therefore I decided to do some pit stop thinking.I know this is no big feat but much thanks to each one of you have read and liked what I  write.The love that you shower on my words means a lot to me, because words are all that I have.

If I had to do a reality check, half the people who know me personally are completely unaware of this blog.I have never been open about my writing, few of them who understand what a blog is[read something beyond a personal diary] do appreciate and are surprised. Blogging and all began when Anup asked me to try it sometime around three years ago, and who knew it then that I will be doing it so passionately. Gratitude would be a belittle thing to give him because even to this day he tells me that I can do much more.

Today when I look at what I call 'My Nest',I am more than overwhelmed. I am proud of some, I am disaapointed by some. A mixed bag of feelings. I know there is a lot left to learn. And blogging to me means nothing but that. To learn to write, to learn to read, to learn to feel, to learn to better, to learn to share and to learn to live. There are many of you bloggers out there doing the same, ain't any different.I know how much you guys can relate to this.A blog is more than a place to tell our story, sing some poetry or put up some of our favorite pictures. Ofcourse that's what most of us do in the name of a blog, but the bottom line is it is a 'BLOG' and it connects to the world in its own way. Its a sheer pleasure to know that someone like minded somewhere reads what you write,thinks what your think and feels what you feel, and that's all is what matters.

“No tears in the writer, no tears in the reader. 
No surprise in the writer, no surprise in the reader.”
-Robert Frost-

Thank you for trying to relate to everything that I put up here:-)


A Friend Called Barbie

Childhood is like your little haven, and whenever you are reminded of it you just cant stop thinking 'Wish some things stay for life'. Few days ago when I was out finding some toddler stuff in a toy shop for a nephew of mine I had a reunion of sorts with someone who kind of lived with me in my childhood. I admired her then, I admire her now. It is a normal girl thing to grow up with for most of us who have known her maybe.

I had always prayed for her on every birthday of mine and had finally got her on one such occasion only when my folks were sure that I would take care of her well. This time I saw her behind the glass pane amidst the heap of toys with the same smile and grace. When I looked at her I was reminded of my first and only one, frankly I never really got to make a collection like many girls would have. Back in those days she came in a lot of new and interesting attires, with all those family dolls like Kelly, Stacie, Nikki and many more. But Ken was someone whom I never found any handsome, I always thought she deserved much more for the princess that she was.

I always have wondered what makes every little girl yearn for her. She is convincingly pretty and therefore popular, very understandable. Ain't into some anti beauty campaign here. But isn't this a genuine question, aren't there many other dolls in the toy shops out there who are pretty and cute. The ones with rolling blue eyes who bat their eyelids, dance around and sing beautiful songs. But what makes Barbie a Barbie?:-)

To me she was always special amongst all my dolls. I plaited her hair and dressed her up in front of her dressing mirror, cooked in that dummy kitchen, folded her clothes and kept them in that tiny cupboard. Basically did what every other girl does with her dolls! And for some strange reason when I saw her again I could not believe that I did so much and all that! I know all this sounds silly right now in my twenties, but in some phase of life this was nothing but naive fun. You know where it strikes and how it feels when you miss such things. I was tempted to take her home this time too,the child in me could not resist but my folks around me did and gave me a look which almost meant in a few years down the lane you may be taking her home for your kid. Some things change, but they do happen again :-)

Tell me your Barbie stories, I am sure all of you out there have one :-)